Hossein Jamalirad

Brief info about Hossein Jamalirad

Mr. Hossein Jamalirad has MSc. in computer field. He is Experienced in VMware / Network (Passive & Active) / Automation / CMS / Medical Informatics researcher.

With persevere and working flat out,  you can pass any hurdles.

I was IT administrator at several companies. I have a tons of experience with Network devices, Tower/ Rackmounted Supermicro servers, Active network support, especially, in Microsoft products like windows server, Running services and Domain Controller, DNS, DHCP, etc. In addition, I had a couple of Passive network projects like improving, assembling workstations, servers, Network Wiring and installing rack-mounted switches either. It’s my honor to cooperate with Adelelectronic Co. for a while in project contract basis to run embedded systems on some product-lines in order to reduce the size of electrical circuits, deduction of operator faults by implementing automation in manufacturer’s product lines. Also, I have some activities in web environment such as, hosting management, website developing, supporting the local network and etc. Admittedly, based on the last corporation’s business field, I am working on Smart-Center servers to learn how this is possible to convey the sensors data of incubators over network and finally with web-services bring it to smart phone remotely. Currently, I am enthusiastically focused on Medical Informatics and research in this principle where embedded systems, Tele-Health, AI, Big Data analysis, Pattern recognition, Information retrieval, Storing, Application developing for Medical providers for decision-making assistance and even patient specific tools require lot of attention and talents. So I’m Trying to be expert as a PhD’s Candidate in 2021. Additionally, handful of my researches have published on PubMed, Scopus and Other journals. Wanna know more about me, you can download my resume from the below.

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