Erfaniancars is another project for Erfanian Auto Gallery that is one of the prominent Auto Gallery located in Tehran. The owner of this auto gallery, Mr. Shahin Erfanian, with very wide perspective, guide us with his opinion and motivation that had result in Erfaniancars project. 
Various Brand, Dynamic Draw-line, Fully Dynamic dedicated panel, and advance search and trilingual appearance are like sparkles for the first look. 

Another Adelelectro’s service is a static website for demonstration of various petrol activities of Mr. Haj  Ala Mir Muhammad Sadeqi that has different section to present current oil price, branches and etc. is bilingual website, both available on Persian and English, what is developed for VST Corporation. It’s activity is in poultry industry. Mr. Hossein Jamalirad as the developer of website, provided the platform for publications, Products, and the other features for VST Co. .

VST Co. Network

Mr. Hossein Jamalirad has implemented both wired and wireless infrastructure for VST Co. Moreover, by setting up windows server, DHCP, DNS , Active Directory, some policies done by him for the files which is being stored on Raid 5 HDD. In addition, Implementing IP-Cameras on VST official environment is another service done by him that the snapshots of motion detector is redirected to Gmail plus locally recording.


Several PLC Programming has done by Hossein Jamalirad as and IT member of Adel-Electronic corporation for molding, Lathing and other industrial product line. These Projects can control DC Driver of Adel-Electronic production in order to control specific device / product line of factories.


Data Entry + graphic design from 0 up to 100 of vestahandel Project for Mr. Ahmadreza Razzazi is another service that our team has done. Mr. Hossein Jamalirad and Mrs. Mahtab Hosseini both entered and designed graphic modification of products, pages pictures, brief description, full description and any content on the website.

Adel-Electronic DC-Driver

This project has done by Mr. Mostafa Jamalirad and Hossein Jamalirad for Iran-Pichkar factory that their activity is producing screw. The product line which our DC-Driver has installed on was specifically, heating, forming, and cutting the iron rebar to make them ready for the next process of making screw.